ViteRite products are free from artificial colour, preservatives and flavouring. All tablet formulations are suitable for vegetarians. VitaRite products contains Amino Chelated minerals. All VitaRite formulations are formulated to EEC regulations & requirements.


( For Export Only)      
As a food supplement, known to help support immune system
As a food supplement, good for people who are prone to muscle related problems
helps to maintain strong healthy bones & strong healthy teeth
Vitamin D3 is good for people who do not have enough exposure to sunlight.
Vitamin D3 is good for people with a darker skin tone.
As food Supplementation, Vitamin D alongside a healthy diet can contribute to the normal absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorus to make bones & teeth strong. & 


Each Bottle Contains  : 200 VEGETARIAN TABLETS 



Price : £ 10.99 /unit


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