ViteRite products are free from artificial colour, preservatives and flavouring. All tablet formulations are suitable for vegetarians. VitaRite products contains Amino Chelated minerals. All VitaRite formulations are formulated to EEC regulations & requirements.

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 FIGHT FAT -  the Rite Way 

  ChitoSlimax is a unique blend which contains :  
  • Chitosan a non digestive natural dietary 
    fibre derived from shellfish shells. Chitosan  has been shown to bind from 4 to 12 times its  own weight of dietary fat, reducing or  preventing their absorption.
  • Citrin known for its high fibre contents and a herbal extract rich in (-) hydroxycitric acid  helps to reduce appetite , stimulate fat metabolism and help fat burning .
  • Chromium known for its property to facilitate Glucose utilisation by promoting  the action  of insulin , thus reducing the carving for sugar .
  • Bromelain is a nutrient which helps to break down fat and assist in digestion.

  • L- Carnitine is a fat burning amino acid .
  • Conjugated Linoleic Acid has been shown to  play an essential role in reducing body fat & enhancing muscle tone.

  • Guarana is a natural product from Brazil which is known to boost energy.

  • Psyllium Husk is known to give sense of fullness thus decreases food intake .

  Natural Slimming Formula



The Ultimate Fat Fighter 

 Price : £ 35.99 /unit

Each Pack Contain : 60 Vegetable Capsules


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