ViteRite products are free from artificial colour, preservatives and flavouring. All tablet formulations are suitable for vegetarians. VitaRite products contains Amino Chelated minerals. All VitaRite formulations are formulated to EEC regulations & requirements.

  Formula 6X Ginseng Veg.caps      (For Export Only)                       
             This formula combines all the Ginseng of the world : American , Chinese , Indian , Japanese , Korean and Siberian together , to synergistically create an essential aid to mental clarity , vigour , drive , libido , endurance , energy and Vitality , especially for men of all ages . A potent tonic for body and mind .

   Each Capsule Supply:
      Red Korean Ginseng Rootlet 5:1 Ext.            100mg
      Chinese Ginseng 5:1 Ext.                                 100mg
      Siberian Ginseng                                               100mg
      American Ginseng                                             100mg
      Japenses Ginseng                                               50mg
      Indian Ginseng (Ashwagandha)                          50mg  

   Each Pack Contains : 60 Veg.Capsules 





Price : £ 17.99 / unit 


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