ViteRite products are free from artificial colour, preservatives and flavouring. All tablet formulations are suitable for vegetarians. VitaRite products contains Amino Chelated minerals. All VitaRite formulations are formulated to EEC regulations & requirements.

    Osteo-force Veg.Caps   (FOR EXPORT ONLY)                        
           A synergic combination of natural herbs like Boswallia , Bromalin , Turmeric , Ginger & Devil's Claw with Glucosamine & Chondroitin for maintenance of joints and in aid of natural relief in condition like Arthritis , Osteo Arthritis . 

   Each Capsule Supply:
      Glucosomaine Sulphate (Salt Free)                500mg
     Chondrotin Sulphate                                        400mg
     Boswellia Serrata Extract                                 50mg   
     Bormelain 10:1 Extract                                     25mg    
     Tumeric Extract                                                 25mg
     Devil's Claw 4:1 Extract                                    25mg
     Ginger 4:1 Extract                                             25mg
     Vitamin C                                                           25mg
     Manganese                                                        15mg 


  Each Bottle Contains  :  120 Veg. Capsules 

Price Per Unit              :  £ 23.99              


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